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Job Description

  1. Create and design specifications as requested by sales and account management unit.
  2. Liaise with consultants and managers to document business processes effectively.
  3. Ensure that various appropriate infrastructure elements, including documents, periodicals, manuals, policy documents, etc are kept up to date and are available.
  4. Create and develop functional requirements of systems to improve quality, performances, external interfaces, and constraints.
  5. Carryout analysis of requirements by checking for derived requirements that are logical to customers’ requests.
  6. Outline requirement specifications with the use of standard templates for both used cases and detailed software.
  7. Manage requirements and ensure they are stored in automated systems.
    Record, manipulate, and make reports on requirements stored in the rational tool suite.
  8. Supervise requirements traceability information and record requirements status in the course of the project.
  9. Monitor changes to baseline requirements with the use of effective application of change control processes and tools.
  10. Make contributions in the development of Test Plans and Test Scripts, and also perform test execution as required.

About NeuSwyft Software

NeuSwyft's vision is to build and provide globally accessible, free and trustworthy enterprise applications. We are focussed on most complex problems for mobile workforce management in your enterprise. We provide one easy-to-use system for scheduling, dispatching, GPS tracking, CRM, invoicing, digital payments processing & more using blockchain and distributed ledger technology.. With NeuSwyft, you are always working with small teams of talented professionals who can move quickly and aren't afraid to change directions. No layers of management or extreme project teams. Everyone is a critical contributor. Our clients are already good at what they do. We are helping them for digitization of assets quickly and work without micromanagement. We take charge, working with your team to break down barriers to move your organization forward. Some of the areas and advantages of blockchain technology into our mobile service software incldue:​Bitcoin Wallet - Like paper money and gold before it, bitcoin is a currency that allows parties to exchange value. Unlike its predecessors, bitcoin is digital and decentralized.Identity verification - Adds Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and other reporting and analytics functions using blockchain.Servicing states- Manage services and orders as they go through various states via use of DLT and smart contracts.Mobile first- Develop, deploy and innovate via mobile solutions to digitally transform your business. Manage schedules, service delivery and payments seamlessly.
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